Is it possible to love family even though you don't see them for a long time?

United Kingdom
August 27, 2011 1:37pm CST
My reply is: Of course. I mean: we all do this to a degree. I have family members I love I've not seen for a long time (sometimes a very long time). But then, what is a long time? For some, not seeing their parents for a week is a long time; for others, not seeing them for a month is a long time; for others still, not seeing them for a single day (!) is a long time. It's all relative (no pun intended). How about you? Do you think it's possible? I not see loved ones...parents, children, cousins, for a long time. Yet still love them? Of course it is!, why? How do we do this? If we love, do we not wish to see? Or is it enough they are on this planet? Is love predicated on their being here...any time we wish to see them; or call them? I mean...I often lean heavily on my mother. When I'm low, it's a comfort to know she'll answer the phone. To know she's there if I want to call. Whenever I want to call. Do you feel that way about a special relative? So; as I say, where do you stand on all this? What are your feelings? Let's talk relatives, time and distance, can we?