Is Lying right or wrong in relationships?

United States
November 17, 2011 2:19pm CST
Sometimes I wonder if lying is right or wrong in relationships. I think its wrong if it has the potential to hurt the other person, which most all lies will hurt the other. Is their ever a time when lying is justifiable? Or should everyone be completely honest and as open as a book? Where's the line drawn when it comes to lying?
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• Romania
18 Nov 11
Well, what kind of lies? If you are cheating on your girlfriend/boyfriend it's very wrong. Lies come with cheating. However, it's impossible to be honest all the time. Think about this situation: you walk on a street with your girlfriend, another girl walks by you two. The girl is asking him "is she pretty?" If he says "yes" it's just the beginning of a storm, if he says no, although that girl was pretty, that's a small lie that will not hurt. Sometimes woman ask stupid questions just to have a fight with their boyfriend. What's the matter if that girl is pretty? He's your boyfriend, not hers. Sometimes girls demand to be lied. The trick is in knowing what she wants to hear. Lying is a bat thing, but when it comes to woman, men have no choice. Even if I am a girl, I really don't understant why other girls ask those questions.
17 Nov 11
Lying is always wrong but there are times when it makes sense. Like when she asks "Does my butt look fat in this?" The alternative is to have an extremely unhappy lady ruin her own evening out because you were honest about the size of her posterior. (Or on a more serious note, there are definitely lies that do no harm, no matter what anybody says. If anyone here - or anywhere - says they're always honest, they're lying.)
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
17 Nov 11
No I think honesty is the most important thing in a relationship, if there is something that maybe could hurt and a little white lie may be kinder I still believe it is better to be able to tell the truth in a nice way...truth always I say.
@besweet (7230)
• Greece
17 Nov 11
All relationships should be based on honesty: friendships, family and boyfriendsgirlfriends. Honesty should also come natural to the people in the relationship and people shouldn't do things when they should lie about them afterwards. But it's so difficult to always say the truth because it hurts sometimes. From experience, I have always lied in my relationships even if I didn't want to. NOt big lies but small things in my everyday life that can make my life easier. I also believe that in serious relationships and when people know each other very well, it's more difficult to lie because you can be caught and you risk to loose the trust of the other person in the relationship. About lines I don't know, it's easy to say where the line is and then when the time comes you can't recognise it. I guess the line is crossed when you lie with the purpose to manipulate the other person's opinion by taking advantage of the mutual trust.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
17 Nov 11
Lying is always wrong. i don't know what you mean by a relationship since every contact you have with someone else is a relationship. If someone lies to me it's over. I am always surprised again how stupid liars are. Even if I tell them I know they are lying they are able to say it's not a lie. I think everybody should be complete honest. What is wrong with saying the truth/your opinion? This is what we always tell children to do. And yes it does mean that you will not only hear how great and attentive and sweet you are but so what? It's just someone elses opinion, it's more important what you think about yourself in the end. For me there is no line drawn, that is probably why I have so less friends. People love it when you lie in their faces, make up things, make them believe what they want to believe. That way they don't have to look in the mirror or change. Liars are popular, those who are honest are called liars, selfish and negative.