How often do you detail your car?

@maezee (32250)
United States
January 26, 2012 8:24am CST
Just curious. I was thinking about this earlier this week, because although I have nothing (maybe my scraper and a jacket) in the back, but otherwise it's clean - ALTHOUGH not clean in the sense it doesn't need to be vaccuumed. It seriously needs a good vaccuuming as well as a good wiping down of the dash and what not as it's apparently collecting dust. I realized I haven't vaccuumed it/wiped it down since maybe September of this year? Now that I'm thinking about it.... I don't know what's 'normal'. I keep saying I'm going to do it, but with snow on the ground, and no room in the garage to do it...It seems a little too much of a (cold) hassle to do it in the winter... I may wait until the Spring... How often do you detail you car - whether you do it yourself or have someone else do it? What's the 'norm'?
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@bounce58 (17526)
• Canada
27 Jan 12
Once in a while I may pick up the vacuum and clean the inside of the car. That's when there's already too much cr@p in there that the kids tend to leave behind. Mostly it's crumbs, cereals, wrappers, etc. But that's about it! I know that just before autumn I've wiped off the dash as the dust was really visible, but I don't know when will be the next time I'll do it.
@deodavid (4150)
• Philippines
27 Jan 12
Hi there maezee, Hello there how's it goin, I have a different view of your topic, not only that we have tropical climate here in my country so you can wash your car even at night. I also don't have a car. Though I take care of all the work in my girlfriend's car i just think that it is better to try to get to those dirt ealy on as opposed to later to avoid any rusting or breakage that may become further more costly in the future. But again our weather here is tropical you always have the choice of cleaning your car daily unlike in your part of the. I guess you just have to wait till warmer season comes around.
@sacmom (14315)
• United States
27 Jan 12
I don't. My husband does it for us. When we first got our car he probably detailed it every week, if not more. What can I say? He was obsessed with this car. LOL Now he details it maybe once a month, which is about the norm, I think. He details our SUV even less. But then again I use it for work, so neither of us really worry about it. Happy mylotting!
@Luciano63 (157)
• France
26 Jan 12
Maezee when I had my own car ( a nice convertible) I use to clean it every week, nice clean and shiny. Since 10 years I have a real nice company car that I change every it is for free and I do it only once a month! I am also older...anyway to keep a car clean is a good thing, but when you have family and kids it is difficult to be regular.
@angelako (280)
• Italy
26 Jan 12
I dont have car my friend.If i have i dont know how often,maybe only when its needed because i need to save,it will just add to my expenses.If i have lot of money i will detail it often,to look cool and clean.But if i am not atleast i have car its ok.
@inemboy (23)
• Kuwait
26 Jan 12
Hello, I don't seem to understand your question though, i think the 'detail' means clean. Is that right? If that's what you meant, well, i detail my car every morning before i hit it on the road. At times i only dust it with a rag. Anytime i can't get things really tidied on the interior, like gettin the right tools like brush or anything that could go under my seats to clear it off, i'd take it straight away to those who know how to do it best.
@WakeUpKitty (8707)
• Netherlands
26 Jan 12
I try to do it as less as possible. I only do it if necessary. It's also proved that a clean car (including the outside) is not having a longer life as a "dirty" car. My car is not dirty btw. I don't allow anyone to smoke, eat or drink in it. It's also not allowed to leave dirt/trash behind. I also don't have personal stuff in it. So the only thing that can be in it is dirt under the shoes, some leaves blowed in by the wind and dust.
• United States
26 Jan 12
I actually dont do it much. I drive on the highway everyday monday through friday going back and fourth to work and i think its pointless to even do it sometimes. Of course i would like the inside to be done more and sometimes i will do the inside and not the inside and i probably only clean it maybe 4 to 5 times a year and i know its not alot but sometimes i dont understand why i need to clean it unless i was going to have people with me. When i clean the insides its when im driving around town and have the bottle of winndex with me and a rag then i can clean the inside while im driving around and stopped at lights and what not. The outside seems to always stay dirty for some reason. I drive around during the week to much.
@Orson_Kart (4353)
• United Kingdom
26 Jan 12
"Detail your car" I have never heard of that expression? If you detailed a donkey, I'd imagine yu removing it's tail. The opposite of'pin the tail on the donkey' I suppose. How strange.