As I watched he put a half cup of sugar in his millk?

Garden Grove, California
@Hatley (99154)
March 2, 2012 9:56pm CST
I have thought of this for several days and finally decided to make this discussion.I have been watching in amazement as one pf my table mates pours sugar into his glass of milk until the milk 'reaches the top of the glass. the sugar container was full when we sat down But after he put sugar in his glass of milk andcup of coffee it was nearly nearly as I can tell he poured a half cup of sugar in each cup and glass. I am wondering what the effects of that much sugar are on the man. He has COPD disease and is always very congested. I am no doctor but surely that much sugar three times a day every day of the week could not be that healthy;Your take fellow mylotters.I did not say a word as its not my business to, but I sure did wonder about it.I guess being a diabetic makes me keenly aware of other people's use or abuse of sugar. bu I am not the diet police so I keep my thoughts to myself. lol