MyLot Earnings: Where did it go?

March 11, 2012 7:28pm CST
I'm fairly infrequent in MyLot and have not been on for the last year or so and just recently logged back in again. To my surprise, I find that mylot earnings is back to 0, not that I had much the last time. It was like maybe 3.xx or so. So it's really not a big deal. I'm just curious if MyLot has a policy for defaulting inactive users annually etc as I could not find any such clause in the FAQ
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@owlwings (40111)
• Cambridge, England
12 Mar 12
This has always been stated in the Terms and more recently in the FAQs. If you do not log in for a period of 90 days, your earnings are forfeit.
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• Malaysia
12 Mar 12
On my....clear as day. Blind as a bat as usual. xD Thanks for pointing me in the right direction
• Trinidad And Tobago
12 Mar 12
Yeah sweetie owlwings is right, in the FAQ it's stated your earnings are forefeited if you fail to log in for 90 days/3 months. That it's not necessary for you to contribute on any discussions or anything but just log in to let them know that the account is still active. Sorry about your loss, but welcome back ^_^
• Malaysia
12 Mar 12
Loss is no big deal, well worth the experience I'm sure. I'll never forget after this. But thanks for responding.
@tonyllenium (6265)
• Italy
23 Mar 12
yes it is true such as when youa re inactive for 90 days,3 months,you will loose all your past earning and so the timer set to 0!!Naturally if you log-in here 1 time every 3 months you can save your past earning...
@cairalyssa (1405)
• Malaysia
12 Mar 12
glad you have your answer already! ;) hope to see you more often in mylot friend!