what do you usually do when you're depressed?

April 12, 2012 4:30am CST
depression is not a good feeling, i think everybody agrees to that. whenever im depressed, i just sleep myself out so that the next day id be able to somewhat forget the things that depressed me. how about you?
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@tinjan11 (75)
• Philippines
19 Apr 12
Depression is just a normal reaction to a certain vent in our life such as losing a loved one, losing a job,or a quarrel with your friend.It can affect your activities of daily living because you feel weak and disinterested. Whenever I'm depressed, I do sleep a lot, watch a movie and just stay in my room.
@soulist (2987)
• United States
17 Apr 12
When I am depressed I like to listen to some music and I have been getting into doing yoga and pilates. It helps get my emotions an outlet and I feel so great afterwards. I did pilates for about 20 minutes today and it felt amazing afterwards.
@laken02 (3067)
• United States
15 Apr 12
i use to get depressed alot wiht my bi polar and now i dont very much, i found if i take a nap more then and hour i have wasted the day away and still feel sleepy and now i seldom take naps unless i worked at my job an then i will if im tired but the key is to find things you like to do such as my,lot or get a routine and keep busy and try and set goals to acheive to feel like you accomplished something and have a purpose in. life..
@bounce58 (17526)
• Canada
13 Apr 12
I've created a therapy fund as my shield to fight off small bouts of depression. I put money in an account when I'm a bit down. I don't intend to touch this money unless I really need some therapy, and this money could pay for it. Having that amount on the side also helps me look forward to better days ahead. And the possibilities of what I could buy with that money.
@Lucas818 (377)
12 Apr 12
I think get drunk is one of the good idea to do when you're depressed. It maybe not so healthy but I'm sure it can wash away and change your feelings... Cheers!!!
@lekhya (819)
• India
12 Apr 12
hi, When i am depressed,i get back to the past and try to recollect situations which i enjoyed the most ELSE I try to spend time alone,observing the nature. Mostly i avoid talking to others at this time,becoz i get extremely irritated during this period.