Why do I not look like the Clark side, my dad 's side of the family ?

Garden Grove, California
@Hatley (98719)
May 4, 2012 8:44pm CST
was just thinking how in my own family so m any of us did not really resemble our parents then I saw this visitor sit down beside the new resident at the next table over. They at first looked like twins but then I studied the visitor. He appeared about twenty years older than the new resident. But he had the square lean face of our new resident, the tall lanky leannesss of the new resident and his hair style was the same b t his hair had a few traces of grey in it so he might have been older than I thought. the new resident appears to be in his late forties but dad must be in his late sixties They even talk alike. Your take fellow residents, why do my self and my sister and ev end my son not look like the Clarks , my dad's side, at all? My son when he is with me in V ns makes the clerks always say"my its easy to tell this is your son, He really looks like you."B ut my hair was much lighter brown almost blonde and my son's hair is dark brown but we both have blue green eyes like the richey side my mom's side of the family.the thing is my son has the same identical shaped face as mine down to the crooked smile. Also I have a picture of m y grandpa richey when he was 20, and my son compared his o wn picture when he was twenty,amazing the resemblance, the only trait I seemed to have got from the C larks was my pale almost blonde hair, it was the palest of browns the hair stylist said I was an ash blonde.