Swagbucks - Verification Before Reward

United States
@EmmyLu18 (102)
July 8, 2012 9:14pm CST
I earned my first 700 Swagbucks PRETTY quickly (3-5 days), and dashed to the prizes to get my $5 sent to paypal. Weird thing, they wanted to verify through my mobile phone. HELLO! I don't have a mobile phone. My mom doesn't either and she verifies through email, so once I sent an email to Swagbucks explaining my dilemma, I expected them to just verify through email but NOOO. Get this: they are sending me a POSTCARD with a verification number. Can you believe that? Should be here sometime this week and in the meantime, I've gotten to over 800 Swagbucks. I might as well just wait for enough Swagbucks for the $10. Have you ever run into such problems with Swagbucks?