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United States
September 11, 2012 9:50am CST
So i think i have to stop the snacking till i get back to my weight i need to be at. So i need to loose 10 pounds i think it will be easy if i start walking the dog around the block or at least doing it by myself. I have to stay motivated to stop eating all these snacks. I weight at the moment 125 and i need to get back to 115. This year i did start exercising but i stopped and i think i just started gaining weight in the last month and its not good at all. Going on vacation this weekend and i hope all my clothes fit and arent uncomfortable to wear. Well do you need to loose weight? and could snacking so much help you loose weight? Im trying to only eat the three meals a day and stop snacking in between them so much. For breakfast today all i have had to eat is a granola bar and i do feel hungry but im not eating.
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@surekharathi (14134)
• India
18 Sep 12
I also want to loose my weight and I cant understand what should I do for this. My weight is increasing every month last 2 months before it was 55 now 59. I not take snacks only lunch and dinner.
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@deebomb (15322)
• United States
19 Sep 12
Hello surekharaathi. Are you skipping breakfast? Skipping breakfast is one sure way of gaining weight because you are very hungry by lunch time and so will eat more. You can have snacks between meals but make them fresh fruit. As I told Lolo an apple is only 80 calories and has 20% of the recommended daily fiber. Nuts are another good snack. They have fat but it is good fat and also has dietary fiber. our bodies do need some fat.
• Canada
5 Oct 12
hi..every diet is different but one thing you shouldn't go without is breakfast..It is the most important meal of the day..It helps keep your metabolism going and give you the energy you need to help you focus..Ideally, you should eat three small meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner and two or three snacks in also depends on what kind of work you do..I find that if you sit in chair for a job you don't burn as much calories as opposed to a physical job.. You shouldn't ignore what you're body is telling you.. There are some alternative healthy snacks you can should incorporate fruits with your meal in order to stay full longer..or you can try other healthy snacks like special k brand..Exercising is necessary if you want to lose is a part of a routine. Another alternative you can try is called is like a metabolism booster you can can add to your favorite foods you like without sacrificing the flavor..I've seen it on the shopping channel..but i don't know if they always have have to check it out..
@ladym33 (11007)
• United States
28 Sep 12
It does get a lot harder to maintain weight the older you get. I lost about 27 pounds a couple of years ago, mostly I just started limiting my starchy carbs, I would not eat more 1/8 of a cup of any type of starchy food, and I did a lot of walking and the weight came off easily. I gained back 6 of the 27 I lost but for two years I don't think that is so bad, but I would like to lose that 6 pounds again and 5 or 10 more would be awesome.
@deebomb (15322)
• United States
19 Sep 12
Hello Lologirl. If you are getting hungry shortly after eating Maybe you need to eat more or a more filling breakfast. Those granola bars have gotten smaller and smaller for sometime now. Maybe you should eat two of them. If you get too hungry you will have a harder time not overeating when you do eat again because you are so hungry. you could also have an apple or other fruit for a snack in mid morning.. An apple has only about 80 calories and 20% of the daily needed fiber. Good luck with the late loss.
• China
17 Sep 12
oh,my dear friend,I feel so sorry about's painful that you couldn't not eat much snack.for most girls,really it is true.I am so lucky,I'm a young man,what's strange thing is that I never get weight whatever I eat,sometimes I think how can I get weight because I'm only 130 pounds,for man that is 175cm,it is too thin.well,let's talk something about you,if you want lose weight,the best way is having a balance diet,and then do some exercise three time a week,but remember thar the sport must be your hobby or something you are interested nightfall you start exercise,do not stop until you feel very very tired.then you will keep slim.I love basketball and football,I play them usually,that's why I can be very thin and healthy.hope you have a perfect stature,by the way,you are really beautiful^-^
@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
14 Sep 12
I need to loose weight. I don't eat at regular hours, but I do get in my 3 meals a day, plus a little snack before I go to bed. Maybe I should cut that snack time out too! I've been meaning to run/bike, and I did start a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully the weather holds up so I could do some running/biking this weekend.
• Indonesia
13 Sep 12
I have no problem with my weight, now. But when the holiday come my weight will gain about 5kg. If my wight gain I would avoid eating carbohydrates and cholesterol at night, I only eat salad or fruit for dinner. I do not like exercise, that's why to back to my normal weight I am more focus on regulating what goes into my mouth.
@jricky1 (6808)
• China
12 Sep 12
LOL,it is nice of you to take good care of you and just eat what you want.Anyway, health is important and learn to control sometime. I think this is better for our body and to some extent better to our stomach.
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
11 Sep 12
Yes, eating in between meals should be avoided to lost some weight. Snack and junkies gives a hard time losing weight and are unhealthy too. I am trying to eliminate junkies with my snacks and replace with fresh fruits.
• United States
11 Sep 12
It is not good if you are hungry and you don't eat, you will probably encounter ulcer. :( Then once you got angry, you will eat many so your diet is useless. I am on a balanced diet right now. I control what I am eating. I don't eat 3x a day but I eat whenever I feel like. I will only eat little by little and drink warm waters. :) Don't usually drink cold water, as I heard from many, it is not good because it will just harden all the fats/sugars and will not be digested. :| Prevention is better than cure, you know. My balance diet goes like this: I will have my breakfast at 8am with enough rice and viand. *This depends if I crave for foods* Then I am craving for food around 9.30am, I will eat little bread. Eat little around 10.30am of pinapple fruits and have a walk. And then I will eat lunch around 11:40am. I drink pinapple juice (only pineapple juice) or any drinks that are healthy. If I have extra much time, I exercise in the house just for striking-out sweat. Just as simple as that. :)