Do you like to clean the dishes in dishwasher or think hand is better choice.

October 8, 2012 5:28am CST
Shoud I wash my dish by hand or by dishwasher - What is using for washing dishes dishwasher or hand.
Now a days home servant problem is everywhere and specially for washing cloth and cleaning dishes. Now few persons are using dishwasher because its cost is very high than washing machine so most of the persons are using washing machine for washing the cloths but not using dishwasher for cleaning the dishes. I read dishwasher takes less time for cleaning dishes but first we should clean it means all meals should clean then put the dishes in dishwasher. But dishwasher required yearly servicing also and some amount spend for it. I think hand is better than dishwasher. What you think and you have this machine. How its result share your view. I want to purchase but confused. Have you any experience of dishwasher.