Beef recall, not only Canada but US also

October 8, 2012 3:09pm CST
Another disaster, beef contaminated with E-coli from Canada plant. US got it too from importing it. Now whose fault is this? Management? They said proper cooking will kill the toxin, what does it mean? you want consumer not worry buying beef, as long as we cook it properly? Consumer got sick, we are the victim, now we don't even know whether beef that we buy from bucthers/grocery store is contaminated or not, and government only say not to worry as long as we cook it properly? What do you think?
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@owlwings (40106)
• Cambridge, England
9 Oct 12
All the beef appears to have originated from one factory, XL Foods, in Canada. It is stated that the factory do have proper measures in place to prevent contamination of the meat but that they were not fully implemented. Proper cooking can, indeed, kill E. coli and make the meat safe to eat. The internal temperature of the meat must reach at least 71 degrees Celsius and the only way of properly ensuring this is to use a probe thermometer. Ground beef may turn brown before the correct temperature is reached and especial care must be taken with larger pieces such as hamburger and steak. Unfortunately, steak and roast beef is often served (intentionally) rare so if there is any suspicion of contamination, it MUST be tested with a meat thermometer before serving. It would be wise to be very careful about choosing beef in a restaurant and to be quite sure that they are cooking it correctly before eating there.
@marguicha (108939)
• Chile
9 Oct 12
I don`t like these things at all. There should be more surveillance as to what they sell us to eat. What is supposed to mean the words "cooked properly? Does it mean overcooked?
@peavey (16873)
• United States
9 Oct 12
I didn't hear about this. I don't usually buy beef from the grocery store unless it's grain finished, but my daughter does, so I'll be sure and mention it to her. Our food supply system is pitiful. You'd think that in our "advanced" economic and food systems, there wouldn't be so much danger. It's getting worse all the time.
@koopharper (6939)
• Canada
8 Oct 12
I read a recent article today that says some of the products have been sent as far away as Hong Kong. I'm not going to get overly worried about it. I hope this means beef prices will come down for a change instead of the industry using this as another excuse to raise the prices. Cooking properly by their definition might mean cooking the h3ll out of it. We will be cooking our beef for the next little while very well whether it came for XL foods or not.