Old fashioned name: Can you change it if you don't like it?

United States
March 6, 2013 4:43pm CST
I'm watching a show based in the Middle Ages called Cadfael. There are some people with names that today seem like very old names like Edwin, Edward, Ozwood (is that where Ozzie comes from?) and there are other names. So my discussion centers around old names we like or dislike and if some of the names nowadays were ever old? I had two aunts with the name Gladys. My mom's name was Adelma but everyone knew her as Della. She changed her name when she got her drivers license before she got married. She hated her name and just changed it. I have a friend whose name was spelled Vicky and she changed it after she married to Vikki. Have you ever known anyone who was given an old fashioned name and they changed it to suit their personality? Maybe it wasn't old fashioned so much but was just a name you hated. My daughter's name is Kimberly Lynn and she wants to change her name to Kimberlynn to join the two names as one. Can she do that legally? It seems that she can if others have done it, but her husband thinks it will require a lawyer. My grandfather was Charles Tabor H. If I were born a boy I would have had that name. Since I was born a girl I was given the feminine of Charles (Charlene) but my mother unofficially named me Sally. So I have been Sally all my life. But it's not legal. The other name is my legal name but it seems so foreign to me. Could I change my name without a lawyer if I wanted to? Your thoughts?