Do People Put Perfume Or Cologne On To Strong?

United States
January 22, 2007 12:10pm CST
I was in the store a while back and could smell perfume really stong. There was nobody down the aile where I was. I wondered who had perfume on that strong. A few aisles over, I tracked down the scent. A young lady, probably 16 or so, had on perfume so stron that I was smelling it from the next aisle. Does Perfume that strong bother you? My Dr told me that his hardest time as a practiceing Dr was tolorating womens strong perfume. He said some seem to put on way too much. He has alleric reaction to many cheap perfumes. I quit wearing perfume to the Dr! :) When shopping in the laundry and cleaning aisle, I begin sneezing as soon as I start down the aisle. It is all the scent in the washing powder. This cannot be good for us or the envioroment. What do you think? I enjoying wearing Perfume. I am very particular what kind I wear. I will not wear just any kind. I ony wear Estee Lauder Pleasures or Estee Lauder Intuition. My husband weara PlEASURES for men. I just love the scent on him. All these scents are mild as long as you dont spay on too much. Just a dab on my wrist and behind my ear lobe is enough for me. What about you?