England beat Australia at cricket. Am I dreaming?

@nannacroc (4049)
February 2, 2007 8:05am CST
I think the newscaster has just said that England beat Australia at cricket. It's been such a long time since I heard these words I thought I'd check with you to make sure I'm not hearing things.
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@RieRie (821)
2 Feb 07
Sorry for a minute there it looked like you put England and Australia the wrong way round, hmm yup you did, did you mean to, are you absolutely sure? I've not seen the news today, so I think you're probably dreaming.
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@dorypanda (1584)
2 Feb 07
What? Errrrm, nope, don't believe you, sorry........just going to nip and look that up.....................Hmmm, I've just been to the BBC news site, it seems like England really did win........maybe it's a hoax or something.
• United States
5 Sep 09
lol....I KNOW! I am in America (but English) and my husband just told me after seeing it online. He wasn't sure why I passed out on the floor in shock...! I foolishly got into reading posts about the healthcare debate (I will stop now, for my mental health) so to read something good about England is a breath of fresh air! 5 days until I kiss the tarmac of Heathrow.....can't wait!
@nannacroc (4049)
5 Sep 09
I'd forgotten all about this discussion. Twice in three years, not bad for us is it?
@soul8103 (14)
4 Feb 07
Yup, they sure did. More like a novelty prize though..., i think australia battered the pride out of our (englands) cricketing nation a while ago hehe...
@pumpkinjam (5782)
• United Kingdom
3 Feb 07
Well, if that's true, it must be the most interesting thing about cricket ever. Oh no, that's "rain stops play" isn't it?