Cold sores and soda cans

United States
@jillhill (37364)
January 3, 2008 8:39pm CST
Many years ago I was hounded by those bothersome cold sores that first feel like they are on fire on your lip then turn into the nastiest looking things that hurt like the dickens. One day some asked me if I drank my soda right from the can....well I did. They said if I would drink the soda with a straw I might not have the cold sores. Well I stopped drinking straight from the can and haven't had a cold sore since. It was probably more like a metal allergy but it was very good advice. Recently a gal at work also was having the same kind of problem...I passed the info onto her and she hasn't had any since either. Do you drink your soda straight from a can or do you pour it into a glass or use a straw?