My 3 year old son is still not talking? Is it normal?

@yoj118 (330)
April 9, 2008 9:21am CST
I think my son is too delayed in learning to communicate, he could only utter these simple words such as mama, car, no, la na (tagalog for no more)..i'm really worried already because unlike his sister who learned to talk at the age of 2, why is it my son is not the same? i haven't brought him yet to a developmental pediatrician but we already got a referral.. Some people are telling me that it is just normal because he's a boy..learning to communicate varies between boy and girl as said.. other aspects like motor skills, emotional skills, i don't see any problem with them except for communication..he only expresses what he wants through pointing or taking me by the hand to get to the object or place he wants. he seemed to be very interested to talk because he utters a lot only that i couldn't understand them, seemed to have made his own language.. but whenever we tried to talk to him or tell him something he seemed to listen and he could even follow simple instructions like put your plate on the sink after eating, give this or that (while pointing to the object), kiss mama, can i have some of your food?, no! don't do that... he's even good in imitating what he watches on tv or a movie, he even memorized what will happen next particularly to cartoons that he used to watch like cars, toy story et al.. he's a very affectionate and sweet child.. that's why i hope he's normal, and that he's just having a delay in his communication skills.. but what if there's a problem after consulting with an expert? i don't know if i could handle it... i'm a little afraid... we cannot deny the fact that any parents who would be experiencing a situation like this will try to deny the fact of the matter on their mind,..scared to face the truth... what do you think? could there be really a problem? need your advice..