june 30th - the end of xp computers?

@thebeing (657)
April 27, 2008 3:00pm CST
hey all! i've just read this article on a news website, saying that june 30th is the deadline for computer makers to sell PCs with windows XP. From what i understood, there is this tendency to bring all pcs to vista. I also read that many manufacturers are taking advantage of vista's downgrade options to still provide win xp pcs to customers that want'em. While companies can offer pre-downgraded machines via their Web site, things get a little more complicated when it comes to buying a PC at retail stores. It may be possible for customers to buy such a machine, but just how this will work--and if stores will offer such an option--is not totally clear. The tricky issue is that, to stay within Microsoft's terms, the customer has to somehow "request" the XP downgrade. what do you think of this?
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@drannhh (15246)
• United States
1 May 08
I have one word for it---annoying. Actually, I rather like Vista except for the fact that just after I had proclaimed that opposite my expectawtions I had not experienced any difficulties with mine, just lately it has been crashing my desktop computer right and left. One of the really "big" features of Vista is supposed to be an improved sleep function, so I cannot see why it shuts down (improperly) instead of just going to sleep when it gets tired. Anyway Vista is just an infant and I'm an old lady, so I think I should get tired before it does and not the other way around. Grrrr. At no time have I ever have success upgrading from one Windows version to another, so what they are really saying is junk you old computer and get a new one. That is the way I see it.
• Indonesia
29 Apr 08
well, if we no longer have the XP and can't get the XP downgrade, I would switch to Linux instead.
• United States
27 Apr 08
i have windows vista on my laptop to be honest i still haven't figured out how to mess with it. i use the word document it has so many different options than the other windows. i hope i figure it out i heard its worth the money. i have some projects coming up from school so i want to put it to good use.
@Asylum (48223)
• Manchester, England
27 Apr 08
This was inevitable and has applied in every case of a new Windows operating system to be introduced so far. People tend to be more concerned than before because of the bad publicity that Windows Vista has earned, but this was due to incompatability with older hardware and should not apply to a new computer. If anyone is adamant that they would prefer Windows XP, they can either build their own system or purchase one without and operating system installed, then simply install Windows XP. A lot of people have made a big issue from Windows XP being phased out, but where can you buy a computer with Windows 98 or Windows 2000?