The "Good" Old Days...Uh, Were They?

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@pyewacket (43930)
July 9, 2008 5:01pm CST
Photo Of My Great-Great-Grandmother~Glass Photo - image of my great-great grandmother...a glass photo
I'm kind of a nostalgic person and have always loved certain periods of the past. And let's face it, in the past our ancestors didn't have the concerns we have now...oh, yes, they had concerns...different concerns for the times. But they certainly didn't have to worry about rising gas prices as way back heck there weren't wasn't as costly...more food was home grown, there were no things as farm factories and meat foods were also locally farm raised, uh, what we would call "organic" and costing us now a small fortune to get "organic" But then I was thinking...Today for instance it's a lousy, muggy, God-awful muggy, humid day...and I'm not exactly a warm/hot weather fan...more of a winter person...give me wind chill factors, give me snow..give me refreshing cold weather than makes me more energetic and can just plain think better!One of the benefits as I see it in living in these times is that yikes, we don't have to dress the way our ancestors, like our great-grandparents did. If you're home heck you can putter around your home stark naked if you want..LOL...or at least prance around in nothing but a skimpy tee-shirt and shorts. In the "outside" world, one can also get away with wearing tank tops and shorts... Our ancestors? No such luck. I remember my mother and grandmother telling me, that in my great-grandparents day one ALWAYS had to be "proper" even in one's own home. A "lady" had to wear dresses to the floor in length, underneath she had to wear whalebone corsets, and tons of petticoats, hose and anklet type leather booties--YES IN THE SUMMER...and if the lady of the house left her home, she had to add gloves to her outfit. Women had long hair...yes, they might have tied it up in a bun, but women had long hair. Night apparel was a floor length nightgown with sleeves. Oh and I was told my great-grandmother had a sixteen inch waist! YIKES Men also were expected to dress properly even in their own home...A full fledged suit, with vest and usually made of wool, as cotton based suits weren't an aside and by the way...during the Civil War period, the uniforms of the soldiers on both sides were made of wool. So considering the wearing apparel our ancestors had to wear in the good ole yikes, maybe the good ole days weren't so hot..uh, or maybe they were...LOL Would you want to dress the way our ancestors did? With all that paraphernalia? Did you also know in our ancestors day, one always carried smelling salts since everyone was usually passing out with the heat? Here's a photo by the way of my great-great grandmother and it's a glass plate--you can see the dress she was wearing