ok, so here is something else that is bothering me....

@raclie (1732)
August 2, 2008 12:27pm CST
what, may i ask you, is wrong with having immaganary and online friends? i mean.... it is ok to have friends who are not evry good for your self-esteem or who will help you to be a better person, right? so if you dont want to hang out with these kind of people, but are still lonely, why dont you just creat a friend by yourself? their disposable, and can be with you anytime you want... and its your own little secret.... and online friends, such as the ones i have on mylot, and other countries, why not? some who i chat on msn have a whole different life experience as compared to mine, and it is really interesting to have them in my life... so, maybe, it is not being crazy or having no social life, as what some may think.... but it is just that maybe, i am having other, better friends out there....
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@ahgong (10064)
• Singapore
5 Aug 08
Well, there is a big difference between having an imaginary friend and having online friends. With imaginary friends, you are telling yourself that there is some one there when there is not. Making this a habit will end up letting your mind see people who are there when in actual fact there is not. This may cause you to end up have psychotic disorders which you unwittingly put upon yourself when there is no need to. With online friends on the other hand, it is different. There is some one at the end of the computer on the other side typing and responding to you. You know for sure that the person is there. And in the event you do not want to befriend with that fella, you just switch off the computer. No big deal. Agree?
@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
3 Aug 08
I see alot of point in what you are trying to say, but I still believe real friends are better around you than faceless online friends-with real friends, when you are alone and in real need, they can be right there for you racle.. but just imagine I need you now to come and lean on my shoulders, and am right here in Uganda, will you come and wipe my tears from your country? I doubt! The best I can get from you will be some kind of message, but there are times in life when you need a real friend's physical contact to feel better about life not so?
@Hatley (164469)
• Garden Grove, California
3 Aug 08
raclie hi nothing wrongin having online friends, here at mylot Ihave quite a few who are real friends to me and I can share with them. but as to imaginery friends no , that went out when I was seven I doubt if its at all healthy to have pretend friends. You need flesh and blood people to talk to as well as online friends, you do not need imaginery friends, in that realm lies mental problems so I would not go there.you should talk to a counselor and get some help there.
2 Aug 08
Online friends in my book are fine aslong as you don't go telling people about how you have "1337" friends (see what I did there? :3) or you will just seem silly, to me real freinds remain in the real world and online freinds remain in the online world. As for imaginary freinds its cute for little children to have one but once you have surpassed a certain age it just seems unhealthy unless of course you're anything like me and when you get bored on a bus or something you try and make the person opposite you feel uncomfortable because you start talking to a freind who isnt really there :P, though when I get off the bus the freind is disposed of and not thought of again xD
@movicont (495)
• United States
2 Aug 08
I don't think there's anything wrong with having either online or imaginary friends. Online friends, in the end, are still people. They're just not very visible, but it's still possible to communicate to them in a way not far from real life--perhaps through Skype with a Videocam. It's perfectly fine to share your problems or life with online friends. Imaginary friends don't really do anyone harm. As long as you're not stuck in your own world all day thinking about your imaginary friends, it doesn't really matter. In fact, they could be the sign of an active imagination--if you create realistic enough characters in your mind, then writing a book wouldn't be far away.
@izathewzia (5142)
• Philippines
2 Aug 08
I don't think there is no wrong with having online friends. They are as common as our friends of whom we are with physically. The only difference is that we don't see nor with them physically. But if we will choose, both parties, then it is possible.
@ruby222 (4848)
2 Aug 08
Well it sounds a little different!lol like being a child again!an online pal,mate,friend.Im wondering what I would call mine if I had one lol and what she would look like,quite glamorous probably,and very beautiful,very articulate and elegatnt,in fact she could be my twin rofl.but lol no im only joking dont worry!
@munhozmib (3853)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
2 Aug 08
Hello, raclie! There is no problem in having online friends. They are just like common friends, except that you can't make sure that, whoever you are chatting to, it is the true person. Internet makes it easy to fake the identity, you know? I can pretend to be very shy, or I can just pretend to be the best guy... It is way too easy. Now, having imaginary friends is not wrong. However, it might bring you troubles. I mean, it is all fine: you can share your secrets, talk, spend the whole week with him, and you won't feel alone. However, you can't ask him a favor. You cannot be helped by him. And you will not learn how to deal with other people, like at your work, for example. Having an imaginary friend is like having someone that you can control. What when you find out that you cannot control all people in the World? You'll have troubles socializing, then. Respectfully, Munhozmib.
@lrglara (1347)
• Philippines
2 Aug 08
i dont think there's anything wrong with having online friends. they are still people even if you don't see each other. the world you create in chatting is different. you tend to be skeptical. you would think that people would probably be lying about themselves online. but then again, what have you got to lose? you don't see them anyway and will reap a lot once you do have a connection. all im saying is... if you think its harmless, then go for it. if you think it would boost your self esteem, go for it. i don't see anything wrong. i don't think you dont have a social life. the only thing is its not tangible.
@Wizzywig (7859)
2 Aug 08
Well, I for one, dont see anything wrong with either. I am sure there are plenty of people who mull over their thoughts and 'talk things over' with themselves before making decisions. I'd consider another facet of your own personality as a form of imaginary friend. There are also people who dont have someone they could talk over problems with face to face. The fact that you KNOW its an imaginary friend proves that you are not crazy and, having online friends who can tell you about other life experiences doesn't mean you dont have any other friends.
@bamakelly (5194)
• United States
2 Aug 08
I don't see much harm in having an imaginary or online friend. You need to feel accepted in this life and it is not always easy sometimes. You seem like a nice person and you deserve to have a good friend. You can make good friends on this site it seems. I have collected quite a few here myself. It is an individual preference whether you want a social life or not but it is nice when someone wants to be your friend. Good luck and have a great day.