Naked in my yard today!

United States
@webeishere (36386)
September 12, 2008 4:08pm CST
naked Apple Tree - It has been picked clean today (9-12-2008)
Yes you read the title correctly. Almost totally naked standing in the middle of the backyard. There are fences but anyone can see over or through those fences. The neighbors can see me naked, family can see me naked, almost anyone passing through this area could see me naked. It is not that I wish to be naked. It is just that is the way I am right now until early spring of 2009. You see, I am talking aboput the apple tree in my back yard. I picked all the apples today and now my poor tree is so naked. Hahahaha! I hope I had you going for awhile with this. Anyhow can I get some links or recipes for apple cider and or apple butter possibly. Thanks. Ever make your own cider or apple butter?HAPPY POSTINGS FROM GRANDPA BOB!!