My dog keeps STEALING things

@saundyl (9699)
September 15, 2008 10:54am CST
This is driving me nuts. I pick things up and he takes them...things are appearing in my yard that i don't know where they came from. Yesterday he stole ALL my clean laundry off the line. I found him eating a can of pringles and some pop cans on my deck that weren't there when i went to bed...and no one was out there over night. He took my shoes this morning and was trying to take the dog food dish (ok its a covered cat litter box with a flap to keep magpies from stealing the food) away from the other dogs...had the handle in his mouth trotting across the yard with it. He also has been caught relocating the snow shovel, the rake and my gas can. Any ideas on how to stop my kleptomaniac dog??? Have you ever had a dog that steals things?