Do you think that older people are wiser than younger people?

@rosdimy (3937)
November 24, 2008 1:55am CST
When I was growing up I was told to listen to the elders in all aspects of life. The reason given was older people were wiser. Any further argument was brushed off with the saying that the elders tasted salt (life) earlier than the youngsters. Even in my late teens I never accepted this as a general truth. I had met older people who were immature in thinking, narrow minded, and other characteristics which were inconsistent with behaviour of the wise. This is one reason why I never rejected outright the opinions of others younger than me. Have you ever had difficulties in putting your points across when talking to older people? Have you met people who say they know better just because they are older? Do you agree to the opinion that old people are like wine, becoming better as they become older?