How involved should parents be in their children's romantic relationships??

United States
@miamilady (4925)
February 14, 2009 3:28pm CST
Okay, this discussion is inspired by some things going on in my personal life AND a discussion that I just participated in here in myLot... I think that as parents, we should respect our childrens choices in their relationships. I think that we should give advice sparingly. I think that we should give advice if asked. We should be polite to their romantic interests and even friendly. I believe we should trust our kids to figure things out for themselves. I imagine it would be hard to sit by while my child was being abused or taken advantage of. But no relationship is perfect and people have to learn how to deal with their relationships themselves, don't they? We really can't protect them from everything. They will get hurt at some point. They will have their hearts broken. That's part of life. These are the things that help us grow. Where do you stand on this topic? At what point do you think it would be appropriate to intervene in your child's relationship? This could apply to adult children or young adults. Whatever direction you want to take your reply in, is fine by me.