Do you rotate your mattress? How often?

United States
@rocketj1 (6939)
March 13, 2009 12:33pm CST
A few years ago, we purchased a new mattress. This is not a small investment as we have a king sized bed. We really did our homework on this! We searched until we found a fair price on a very good mattress. It has a pillow top. The new thing for us was that the mattresses we have seen, no longer require being flipped over. They are simply rotated. There is now a definite top and bottom to a mattress, the bottom being a rigid surface now. No more flipping! They did however tell us to rotate the mattress every month. I would say that I probably do this only every 5 months or so. I just forget to do it more regularly. The mattress seems to be wearing well anyway but I wonder, do you flip or rotate your mattress often? Have you NEVER done it?