Indian couple beat their daughter to death just because of $20..

April 20, 2009 4:00am CST
Everyday i read absurd ,bizarre news here in India. Today i have read online that a couple beaten their own daughter to death just for Rs1,000 or equivalent to $20 because they thought she steal the money. The heartless, brutal father checked his wallet and see that his money was missing and blamed the poor kid and beat her. Upon knowing this, the monster mother help in beating up the poor child. Imagine the reality of life here, just because of that amount, they would kill, not only somebody, but their own flesh and blood. They love their money more than ever. And to think that these kinds of people exist here, i am scared to go out here alone, since i am a foreigner and everyday i get to read such bad and shocking news, i get the feeling that most people here are driven with this kind of mentality. Pardon the Indian communities here, but i think when it comes to safety, you are responsible for your own self.