Do you leave your cell phone battery on the charger all night long?

United States
May 15, 2009 4:29am CST
I did on my last cell phone. I just leave my cell phone on the charger all night long until then next day morning. No one told me so, I just improvised myself. And the consequence is the battery totally dead. Now, I only charge when it is needed too. Do not leave your cell phone on charger too long, usually 2 - 3 hours max.
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@cream97 (29169)
• United States
19 Feb 10
Hi, clorissa123. I have kept my cell phone on the charger for almost a whole day, and this has never happened to me. I think that I have not left it on for many hours. I will keep this in mind. I guess, having it plugged into the charger, can overdue the frequency of it. I am glad that you told us this. I will keep this in mind.
@atv818 (1988)
• United Arab Emirates
14 Feb 10
I do leave it all night long but there is danger of battery exploding due to excess charging
• Philippines
20 Jan 10
Hi there clorissa123!I do not leave my cell phone battery on the charger all night long. I always charge the battery while I am still up and about so that I do not have to worry at night. It also does not take long for me to charge the battery. It would only take around 1 to 2 hours.
@jpso138 (7844)
• Philippines
28 Jun 09
Most of the time, I always monitor the charging time and when my battery is full, I take it and unplug the charger. I think it is not good to leave it unattended. The battery might be damage due to overcharging. But there are times that I leave it overnight. This is usually when I am very tired in the evening and have to charge my battery.
@vicky30 (4777)
• India
26 Jun 09
I never leave the cellphone battery o the charger all night long.There are chances of explosion if the battery gets overcharged.I charge my cellphone battery when it is completely drained out.This helps me phone battery to run for a longer time.Also if we charge the battery often it will reduce the life of the battery.We should switch off the phone in no signal ranges like subways as the battery uses more power.
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
22 Jun 09 depends such as it happened to me to leave the cellphones battery on the charger for long period as in the night but usually i did not do fact i will leave me too about 3 hours more or few and afterthat i will put out from the charger...i think it is more sane than in the other type!!
22 Jun 09
Can anyone tell me if it is okay to leave my charged spare phone battery in the free standing charger, but not connected to the electricity, once it is fully charged? A friend told me not to do it but did't explain why other than to say 'its a capacitor you know'. I took her advice and removed the battery from the charger and then promptly mislaid the battery. I always knew where it was if I left it in the charger in its box. However if this is adversley affects the battery's life, ability to hold its charge then I won't do it. Anyone know what I am talking about?
@csrobins (1125)
• United States
3 Jun 09
Same is with me. I used to leave my cell phone on the charger all night every night and I had no idea it was bad for it. Someone just recenlty told me that it was and now I just charge it when I come home from work for a couple hours if it needs it and it does just fine.
@renestl (99)
• United States
23 May 09
I always leave my cell phone on the charger because most nights the battery is low. I've never noticed any negative effects from this on any of my phones. However, after reading through the comments, I don't think that I'll be leaving my phone on the charger overnight anymore.
@Canellita (12058)
• United States
22 May 09
I never have a problem leaving my phone charging for long periods. I usually do it at night when I am sleeping because I am not using the phone at the time.
• Philippines
18 May 09
No, I charge my cellphone and I never leave it all night as it may be a source of fire when it is over charge. And also I experienced before that the battery exploded because of over charge, oh no I will not do that again.
@nrn2003 (670)
• United States
17 May 09
I do charge my phone through the night and I have never had a problem with the battery or anything else with the phone. I dont think it does anything to it.
• United States
17 May 09
I only put my phone on the charger when I have on bar left on my battery. Sometimes I dont put in on until the battery icon start blinking and I am in the middle of a conversation. Its funny how we all do things differently. I did that once though but my battery/ phone didnt die.
@galileo2008 (1140)
• Philippines
16 May 09
When I recharge my battery at night, I make sure that I turn on the alarm clock, to remind me that I have to detach the charger from the phone, otherwise it could lead to a major disaster. haha!
@tracydee (172)
• Philippines
16 May 09
Yes there are really times when I leave my cellphone battery on the charger all night long or for more than five hours. It usually happens whenever I talk to my boyfriend every night. We usually start talking at twelve midnight and end up at three in the morning. After that, I will charge my cell phone hoping to wake up after an hour. Unfortunately, I will wake up at around ten in the morning. Lucky me because until now, my battery is still working. God bless.
@derek_a (10902)
16 May 09
I usually wait until I can see my cell phone battery running low, before putting on charge. Sometimes that has been during the evening and I have forgotten it and it has been on charge all night. I can't see that it has ever done it any harm though. - Derek
• China
16 May 09
I often do like that. Thanks for informing.
@technoobs (408)
• Philippines
16 May 09
Doing this thing leaving ones cellphone charged all night long would really make the battery not to last in its normal operation. In due it causes the battery's lifespan even shorter. Just read on its specifications and cautions and guidelines to make the best of your batteries of your cellphone.
@faisai (1140)
• Hong Kong
16 May 09
I just leave it there for the whole night and sometimes just leave it there for the whole day if I was at home. I understand that the battery will have longer life if you do everything you can to make it last longer. However, I think it may not prove worthy. I believe that after 2 years, it is very likely that I would want to have a new phone which means that if the battery can last for 2 years, I should be happy enough. If it goes down earlier than expected, then I can just sell it out earlier. Also, I think that the Lithium battery now should be better in the way that they don't need to be totally discharged before recharged as they don't really have the capacity memory problem like the old times.
• India
15 May 09
Thanks for this tip , i was just wondering why my batteries were getting damaged so soon? But i now know it , thanks a lot . One time my Nokia battery just got puffed up and swollen . I think i left it for two days on battery because i was not at home at that time.