Hand washing vs machine washing.....which is cleaner?

United States
@lumenmom (1997)
August 5, 2009 11:33am CST
I saw another discussion about whether people use a washing machine or do they wash clothes by hand. I was surprised at the number that not only wash by hand but believe their clothes are cleaner than using a washing machine. I find that hard to believe, not because I think they are not truthful, but because it seems it would take an awful lot of arm power to get clothes that clean doing it by hand. Maybe I am missing out on some of the techniques or products they may be using, but I would be curious to know....1)is there anyone here that thinks washing by hand is cleaner than using a machine 2)if you do wash your clothes by hand, do you use a washboard or some other device? 3) what products do you use to clean your laundry?