Old Wive's tale wart removal. has anyone heard of this?

United States
@MissAmie (721)
August 10, 2009 11:32am CST
When I was a small kid, maybe 8 or so, i spent one summer with a huge painful wart on the side of my foot. It was back when jellie shoes were cool cause I had a bunch with holes cut out so it wouldn't hurt my wart. ha ha. Well I didn't know anyone in my family could do this kind of healer stuff, but my uncle laid me down on my grandmother's bed. He mumbled a chant or prayer then spit on the wart, rubbed the spit around and I swear it was gone within days. Fast-forward to today...I have a 7 year old with some very small warts on her hands. She's self conscious about them. Does anyone know the spit/chant way?!? Or I've also heard duct tape works. Has anyone tried that?