How Many Steps To Heaven Are There?

United Kingdom
@wolfie34 (26875)
August 31, 2009 8:46am CST
This discussion isn't designed to upset or offend anyone and it's just light hearted! Ok, so does anyone know how many steps to heaven there are? If there is a Heaven and Hell when we die, and those of us that have been good and sinless will go to Heaven but how do we get there, do we climb the steps to the pearly gates and what about those who find climbing stairs difficult? How many steps are there? are there just 3 steps to heaven? According to Eddie Cochran? Or are there 39 steps? Or is there a continuous staircase and for those that manage to get to the top are worthy of being let inside the gates? And those that can't manage to get to the top what then? Climb back down again or rest and continue? Or is there an escalator now that would be more sensible, or even a lift? Or are those that are priviledged get wings to fly upwards? And how do we know the wings will fit? I mean those of us who have a few extra pounds will need reinforced wings surely? And for hell, is there an escalator down? Or are there steps down, what if we don't want to go downstairs? But then again isn't climbing downstairs easier than going upstairs, so given the choice most of us would want to go downstairs rather than up? And is there a separate entrance for those of us who want reincarnation? If it's not upstairs or down, then is it on the same level, a huge corridor where we traverse down to get into the reincarnation department? So what is your take on this? Where do we go when we die, upstairs, downstairs or along the corridor? Disclaimer: This is NOT meant to Offend any one and so please don't take offence!