Facial wash, toner, moisturizer, scrub and mask? Do you actually know how to use

@hotsummer (10018)
September 20, 2009 9:56am CST
them. There is so many steps to follow to keep our complexion flawless, beautiful and glowing according to what i have read online on the secret of beautiful skin. actually i am quite confused with so many information i have read as to how i would actually use them and how often and the sequence on using them. All i know that the facial wash is what we can use every day. i just don't the others if for how many times i can use them and from when i can apply them on my face. Do you really have the time to follow the ritual faithfully. i know some people really have the time to do them faithfully every day without fail. but i am not that person. i am quite a lazy person. i easily give up when i feel annoyed and confuse and i am quite impatient i want instant results and of naturally there is no instant result and so i easily give up doing these things no matter how they are for my skin. and so that tells the condition of my skin . i don't have a beautiful skin. So do you use most of them and does it help a lot applying them to your face faithfully.