Nobody can take advantage of you without your permission

Shingle Springs, California
@dawnald (83510)
May 26, 2010 2:07pm CST
That was something Ann Landers used to say. The example I remember was when somebody was talking about how her in-laws would drop by without notice and expect her to drop everything, let them in, feed them, entertain them, etc. And her advice was to tell them to call first. And then if they show up uninvited, say that she had plans and politely, but firmly show them the door. Easy to say, but hard to do? Do you have people who walk all over you? Is it their fault or yours? Is there more that you could do to stop people from taking advantage? Do you have a spouse who doesn't cooperate with you in being firm? Is there something in your personality or culture that makes this difficult? Or are you dealing with somebody who is an unstoppable force of nature? Stories?