Do you feel a simple peace for life?

@maezee (32570)
United States
October 23, 2010 1:46pm CST
The wording of the title is a little strange, but let me explain. I was feeling a little down on my way to work this afternoon (ugh - working Monday through Saturday is GROSS lol) so I turned on one of my favorite Cracker (a band) tunes, and the lyrics go like this: Do you sometimes lust? For the grace that others have inside, The simple peace they make with life, I feel their plights on summer's night... Well i want it, too. I was thinking about how I have this entry-level full-time job, pays $11 an hour, barely kind of making ends meet like this, and while I try not to complain about it, I was thinking also about how I'm not in school and not getting anywhere fast. I have goals, you see, but just can't seem to get back on track with them. And then I was thinking about how I know so many people with the same kind of job, who don't strive to achieve goals, really, career-wise but are the happiest people who love their jobs and are comfortable where they're at. For example, yesterday, I worked in production at a dry cleaning plant in the company I work for, and on a smoke break, I was talking to the dry cleaning manager, Joel, who told me he had been with the company for 25 years and counting. I have been with the company for 3, and I told him..It feels like it's been forever already. I couldn't imagine a quarter of a century. He said that enjoyed it, and even though it didn't pay well, he is happy to have a stable job and be so long-standing with one company. I feel differently. I am constantly unsatisfied with my life and my job and my education and I know that even though it's a full-time gig, I want something bigger. Much bigger. But I'm seeing these people who are entirely happy (they have a 'simple peace with life') and I see how ridiculous my tuition bills are, and I wonder sometimes. What if I stick with this company forever - like these happy-go-lucky "lifers" - but end up being miserable the whole time because I feel like I should have a better job, a better life? Do you have a simple peace with life? (P.S. I'm having a really hard time articulating things today. If this discussion doesn't make any sense, disregard and move on. Thanks. lol.)
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@bounce58 (17526)
• Canada
25 Oct 10
I think it has to come first with the acceptance of what you want in life, and being content with it. As you may already know, I work in a big manufacturing plant. Although I work in the office, I also have a lot of stress in my work. On the other hand, the people on the production floor, specially the ones who have been with the company for the longest time, are the most carefree people in the world. They've accepted their roles and are happy with it. They just come in, put in their 8 hours, and then leave to live their lives. No stress. Sometimes, I wonder why I shouldn't have a life just like that.
@2004cqui (2823)
• United States
24 Oct 10
I think everyone has been in your shoes at some point. I have. Now is the time to do something you truly love. Good times help the soul.
@bird123 (10501)
• United States
23 Oct 10
Happiness is no more than a choice. Can't one be happy with goals??? One must remember that few things worthwhile in life come easy. I will never be happy drifting down a calm river. There are challenges which will not only make me stronger,wiser but will influence everyone I contact throughout my life. If I want easy, I take 1 day off, do nothing, get bored then I'm back at changing the world as we know it. Life is about living, learning and growing. Easy will not accomplish that.
@reckon21 (3487)
• Philippines
23 Oct 10
I think I can understand how you feel because I am feeling the same sometimes. When the job you had don't completely give you much satisfaction and happiness then it's not really meant for you you got to move on and find something that is worth your while. But be careful though finding work nowadays is very hard at least you are very lucky to have such a work that will see you through this hard times. Just take your time and look for better opportunities outside but still remain hardworking and do your job in honest and dutiful way after all it's the one that is giving you money for now.