Do you come across selfish/selfless people?

Delhi, India
@dpk262006 (40243)
January 5, 2011 4:40am CST
Hello friends! The world is getting materialistic day by day. Many of the people who prosper and become ‘something’ in their life tend to get selfish and some are ‘selfish’ by nature. They tend to start ignoring those, who do not fit into their frame for any gain. What is your view on this issue - do you also feel that there is dearth of selfless people, who will do you a favor without any selfish motive? Do you feel that most of the people you come across in your life are selfish or will entertain you because of any selfish motive? And how do you distinguish between a ‘selfless’ and ‘selfish’ person applying your own yardsticks? And finally how do you cope up with pressure of dealing with selfish people either in general or at your workplace? May like to share any of your experience where you found that someone helped you without any selfish motive. Many thanks for taking time to respond to my discussion.