can you imagine yourself get married to your cousin??????

April 29, 2011 4:26am CST
Tinjomoyo Village-Semarang, A muted village in cen - Semarang is the 5th biggest city of Indonesia. The picture was taken two years ago. The wooden bridge is the only way to go to the village. but to get to the village, you will have to go further more from the bridge, and possibly you will have to walk to reach the village.
this village is known as "angker" or "creepy". some people have said that the villagers look odds,and they don't really talk to outsiders.
Hi everyone,.. I would like to discuss about this topic. Why? because in some parts of the world,this thing is really happening. "BATAK" is a race in Sumatra Island, Indonesia. In "BATAK" cultures, one can be married to his/her own cousin. It is really true, and acceptable and they still do this nowadays. So this is how it works: "PARIBAN" : Pariban are "SONS OF FATHER'S SISTERS" and "DAUGHTERS OF MOTHER'S BROTHERS". This means that if you are a male, you can get married to your uncle's daughter from you mother. if you are a female, you can get married to your auntie's son from your father. Quite confusing, but the bottom line is, you can get married to your own blood, so what do you think of that???