People Critical of Golden Globes '12 Food Menu

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January 14, 2012 7:29pm CST
I was reading an article and it was in response to there being gold flakes and gold dust air brushed on the food being presented to the honoree's at 2012's Golden Globe awards. While 50million Americans stugle to keep basic food on their plates. Yes it's very opulent but isn't that what Hollywood is known for? Isn't that the type of fare celebrities are used to getting for free? There's no surprise there is there? And of course no mention of the goody bags they get with lavish items all for free? My only criticisim of it is that much of the food is flown in special for this awards show. What's wrong with showcasing local goods?
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8 Feb 12
it's kind of in bad taste with the economy.they could tone it down a wee bit so people watching don't feel a smack in the face. but you're right,it IS hollywood.
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
20 Jan 12
Well, on the one hand I am with the people that have criticized the money that was spent on the food for the Golden Globes, but then to a certain extent I can also see why they do something like that. When it comes to the goody bags, I think that they should be done away with and the corporations that make those donations should instead donate to charity in the names of the winners of the awards. Finally, I love your idea of showcasing local goods because it would definitely be something that would help the economy.
@jillhill (37383)
• United States
16 Jan 12
THat is so true....but I imagine they think it has to be bigger then life for the celebraties....but local would be wonderful and I bet if they looked there is a cornicopia of wonderful things available!
@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
15 Jan 12
To a point, yes that is what Hollywood is about..these days. Didn't used to be like that tho. But still...can't they have a little compassion to those that made them what they are and give them the ability to have what they have? After all, if we all didn't see the movies and shows and buy their junk..they wouldn't be so high and mighty as they are so come on...can't they give a little? They seem to only want to take from us, and never give back. Plus...I have heard about the gold dust embellishment on food..a nd again, come on...of all things! I'd rather have it in my hand to have as an asset, instead of eating it! What burns me too is that they have EVERYTHING they could ever want...and what they don't have..they can buy...why do they need to get the goodie bags of freebies!?!?!?!?!? I have heard those bags are in the upper $1,000's of dollars range...why them? I know the manufactures give to them to promote their product, but again...what about those of us that buy that product cause we saw our favorite celebrity using it? I say "we" for discussion purposes ONLY. I haven't liked HOllywood people in YEARS!!!!
@dragon54u (31638)
• United States
15 Jan 12
It's their money and they can spend it as they like but it's not very good for their image and certainly isn't good for morale of the people watching the awards. I don't watch them. A bunch of Hollywood phony hypocrites, preaching how we should help everyone and yet they waste millions on stuff like this. Like I said, it's their money but I wish they would be honest and quit trying to act like philanthropists and saying that they care when they don't. That's another reason I have no clue of why people love celebrities and Hollywood so much. People like that are not worth my attention.
@Hatley (164469)
• Garden Grove, California
15 Jan 12
hi 3snugglebunniue I wonder just how good gold flakes and gold dust if for one person?I think putting gold on it was a bit much but the celebs are known for getting free goodies and lavish meals. Yes that is a good point, why not use home grown American food and show it off a bit.Otherwise just one more extravagant thing is the lives of the celebs. I cannot see how it could help or hinder the 50 million Americans struggling to make ends meat. lol