I sent out my letter to the university - for a settlement

@maezee (34589)
United States
February 3, 2012 4:36pm CST
I am really irritated right now. Oh by the way this discussion has to do with my last discussion regarding the same thing - trying to settle my debt with the University for about $300 and some dollars less than I owe. Well, I tried calling them a few times - left a voice mail. This was 2 days ago? And yesterday I e-mailed. Now I haven't gotten a call back OR an e-mail back so I'm really starting to worry. Why would they not return my messages? AGH! What a disorganized collections department that school has... Anyway, now I'm going to my last method of getting in touch with them - sending them a letter. We are in the same city so it shouldn't take too long to get delivered. I'm just irritated that my calls and e-mails haven't been returned. I am offering them money, you would think they would jump right on it!
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@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
5 Feb 12
I guess if they still don't respond to you after all of your efforts, and after this letter, then there's just one more thing to do then. To go an talk to them personally. I hate it sometimes when things like this happen. That you have to go out of your way to personally talk to people just because they can't seem to answer a phone or respond to an email. Goodluck!
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• United States
4 Feb 12
I agree with boylopez, go and talk to someone in that department face to face. I know how you feel because my university is always so slow with everything. I graduated but I'm going to start nagging them so that I can get my degree, they said the middle of February but they always take so long with things. I think it's just all Universities that take their sweet time with stuff like this. You sent the email yesterday so just give them a few days because there are a lot of students in the University. If they don't answer within the next few days then I would suggest going face to face to make sure that they at least received you email. Good luck and don't worry about it too much because then you'll drive yourself crazy.
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@boylopez (382)
• Philippines
3 Feb 12
If you can not in touch them through email or phone. It is better to go on face to face. Its near on you because you are in the same city. To talk all the problem will be settled not like an email. Good luck.
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@Hatley (164447)
• Garden Grove, California
26 Mar 12
hi maezee that is odd that with the various means you have used to contact them you did not get any answer at all. are you sure that you had the right address?Most college collection depts. really will answer you at once. I know they did me when I had guesion about my student loan .But it they sent it to a collection agency you have to contact the collection agency itsself, good luck and God bless.