I need to practice

@GardenGerty (149114)
United States
November 29, 2022 8:27pm CST
I have sheet music for our Christmas program, which will be December 18. I think the last thing before I go to bed I will work on it, with the help of You Tube. My biggest challenge, I think, is this arrangement of the Carol of the Bells. Music is a big part of my life, at least church music is. I want to do it well.
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@spiderdust (13847)
• San Jose, California
30 Nov
Are you working on the singing or the playing of it?
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@snowy22315 (149178)
• United States
30 Nov
Carol of the Bells is my favorite Christmas carol because it is so intricate. I am sure performing it is a challenge.
@LadyDuck (426352)
• Switzerland
30 Nov
Good luck for your Christmas singing.
@just4him (272651)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
30 Nov
The Carol of the Bells sounds like it would be tricky. Very fast and large up and down range. Have fun with it.
@LindaOHio (114176)
• United States
30 Nov
I'm sure it will be lovely. Good luck.
@Beestring (9707)
• Hong Kong
30 Nov
Best of luck in your part of the Christmas program.
@DaddyEvil (112212)
• United States
30 Nov
Good luck with your part of the Christmas program!
@sallypup (53001)
• Centralia, Washington
30 Nov
The Carol of the Bells is so pretty.
@JudyEv (300443)
• Rockingham, Australia
30 Nov
I hope you get time to practice. You didn't say if you were singing or playing. Maybe both?