People who pretend to be disabled!!!

United States
@Feona1962 (7531)
September 17, 2007 5:47pm CST
There is a certain person that claims to be disabled, but yet can do just about anything and everything....They get their cane out or crutches, whichever is needed at the time I guess..They go get all the free things, like food and such from shelters...When they get home they throw the cane or crutches down and unload the heavy boxes and bags by themselves...walking along very nicely without the cane...lifting heavy things yet they claim to be disabled and recieve disability...They put on a show for the public but once they are home they are doing fine...... I know some people who really truly are disabled and need assistance bad and can't get it...I just hate it that they can't get help when they truly need it... It really makes me mad when people say they are disabled but really aren't...I surely wouldn't want to pretend I was disabled...... Please give my your thoughts on this subject...