Hairspray does more than hair!!!!!

United States
October 12, 2009 2:25pm CST
Hairspray - Can of Hairspray
Did you ever think that your hairspray could have more uses than what it says it is for. I have used hairspray for years, but then last year some friends of mine started telling me about other uses for hairspray. I would like to share that with you. Fresh cuts flowers or that christmas wreath are good examples on what you can use the hairspray on. Just spray the leaves or the wreath when you first get it home. It will help the leaves and wreath to last longer. The way this works is that it traps in the moisture in the leaves. You can spray your artificial plants as well. This keeps the dust from staying on those plants. I just thought this was some neat ideals that I wanted to share with you. Happy Lotting..