How did you deal with unfriendly neighbors?

@laydee (12823)
November 10, 2009 7:32am CST
We have a neighbor who seems really 'angry' with anyone else. He has never been 'close' with other neighbors as well, and I have heard of people filing lawsuits against him because of trespassing and failure to cooperate. You see, our area is within the city but seems like a rural place, we have large lots and most of the neighbors even has a mango tree. Feuds come when these trees reach another property, etc. Anyhow, as for him being unfriendly, I have always avoided really dealing with him but have decided that nothing bad would ever come from a smile. So every time I pass his house and he's doing some 'chores', I'd say little gestures like 'good morning' or some greeting. After several years of doing so, he would return the smile and would even start saying 'good morning' first. It's indeed a good step but with slow pacing in 'friendship', but I don't mind, at least we're just civil enough to acknowledge we are neighbors. How about you? Have you dealt with unfriendly neighbors? How do you deal with them?