Do you use scented sprays to cover up 'bathroom odors'?

@jesssp (2743)
January 22, 2010 6:11pm CST
I know that no one wants their house or workplace to smell like poo, but do the heavily scented sprays really make a positive difference? I use an unscented product at home called 'Air Sponge' which seems to remove the unpleasant smells but doesn't cover them up or just add another smell to the mix. At work we have a can of berry scented Air Effects and when someone sprays that stuff to cover up a bathroom smell the result makes me want to puke! Instead of smelling a slight poop smell it creates a stomach churning berry-poop scent. I would honestly rather smell the poop. Do you use scented sprays in the bathroom or does it gross you out? What products do you like and why? Any good alternatives to heavily scented cover up sprays? (Sorry for kick starting your weekend with such a gross discussion!)