what do you think about Lottery ?

April 26, 2010 6:54am CST
What do you think about lottery? I mean the lottery ticket. Do you buy it? How often? And how much do you spend in this one time? Maybe the lottery is the most rapid way of being rich .Not everyone can win the first prize, but you do have the opportunity. If you are lucky enough, it will happen to you. For me, i almost buy it every day. But just one ticket one time. I mean i do this to try my luck, not to gamble. Maybe one day God loves me, i will be the lucky guy. Yeah, i concede that this kind of behavior may sounds like reaping without sowing. But change your thinking from another way. When you see or hear somebody win the first prize, would you admire this guy or even be envious for this? Don't you think why youself? You never know what will happen next moment in your life. So i buy the ticket and try my luck. what's your opinion? tell me.