Are you afraid of riding a motorcycle?

February 8, 2011 3:28am CST
I sure am. I get bicycle accidents, how much more a motorcycle. Do not get me wrong, I love motorcycles. They are so hot! I do not like driving one though; I just want to hop on the back and let someone else drive. It feels great because I could feel the wind. There is also excitement when the motorcycle goes really fast. Such a thrill! Anyway, I feel bad when I hear people getting motorcycle accidents. Two of my classmates in high school died because of it. People say that riding a motorcycle sets your life in 50-50 because driving one is dangerous no matter what angle you try to look at it. I can't argue with that. But I really love motorcycles. It's just scary, that's all. May not be worth it. However, I admire those folks who actually have the guts and talent in driving a motorcycle. Drivers have to be alert at all times and capable of driving a motorcycle. Otherwise... Good bye, life.