If your friend broke your trust...?

Guwahati, India
@krajibg (11946)
July 9, 2009 9:31pm CST
Not to speak much about this that more or less we all have friends. some define this as 'best friend', some 'friends' and yet some other just 'friends' It would surely be belittling the importance of the need of friendship. At one point or the other we feel the need of friends for there are certain occurrences and situation we can not or do not feel comfortable communicating to our parents or relatives and think better had it been told to a friend! You feel a friend is a person to confide your personal thing. But - if you see that more than three time s your friend has broken your faith and trust what you do or would do? There are some who give three chances to rectify the friend like Brutus. What is your take on this?