Revealing bathing suits...

United States
July 26, 2010 10:47am CST
I was looking through a friends photos on Facebook.. she took a lot of pictures of our kid's class trip to the pool last month.. and there's this one little girl in some of the pictures, about 7 or 8 years old, wearing a strapless bikini.. it's nothing more than a small strip of fabric across her chest. I mean, bikinis are one thing, but don't you think this is a little tasteless for a child that age? I'm also noticing a lot of kids and adults alike that are wearing bikinis or other revealing bathing suits when they're really too pudgy to be doing so. One lady I saw at the pool who was wearing a bikini had such loose, flabby skin on her tummy, she looked like she'd just given birth to triplets! Sometimes I have to wonder if these people own mirrors.. I wonder if they know how ridiculous and gross they look? I personally do not like bikinis and will not be letting my daughter wear one anytime soon. She's stuck in a very average looking one piece. I just don't see the sense in letting a little girl who's only 7 years old prance around showing off her body.. I want my little girl to look like a little girl! Though I'm not against the tankini.. it still covers her but is easier when needing to go to the bathroom.. perhaps next summer she'll graduate to one of those. What sort of bathing suit does your child wear? Have you ever been appauled at some of the bathing suits they come out with for little children? Have you seen an adult in a swim suit they shouldn't be wearing??