3/19/23 - Computer Update - OMG!

@LindaOHio (116448)
United States
March 19, 2023 3:07am CST
I didn't think it could get worse; but it did. Spectrum came on Saturday and checked the outside lines, basement connections and replaced my modem since it was 8 years old. There was no improvement in the freezing on my laptop. You are asking yourself, "Why doesn't she just work on her desktop?" Well, the chair that I have to sit in hurts my legs and the knee that needs to be replaced. After 15 minutes I can hardly stand up. I always work on my laptop in the recliner with my feet up and a special table that pulls right up to me. After Spectrum left, I spoke with Dell. She tried a couple more things and then suggested that I reset the computer back to the factory settings. As you know, that means deleting ALL my files, photos, etc. I get an automatic backup through Carbonite; so I am hoping that all my files are there; but it's a big job to download everything and start over. After the reset was done there were **two** icons on my Desktop...the recycle bin and the Microsoft internet icon. I clicked on the internet icon; and the page that came up said I was not connected to the internet! I checked "my status"; and it said I was indeed connected to the internet. So I am dead in the water...no downloading my files and definitely no MyLot. I am now behind 7 days. So when I hear from Dell again I will have to see what they plan on doing about my connection to the internet. I have already tried resetting my router and modem. "Ain't" modern technology grand? I can't read your postings; so I hope everyone is doing OK. Photo Credit: Mine - From the air on the way back home to CLE (Cleveland) airport. Looks like those alien crop markings, don't they?
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@RasmaSandra (62726)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
24 Mar
Time is moving on I hope by know your computer problems are solved and looking forward to hearing from you,
@lovebuglena (39424)
• Staten Island, New York
23 Mar
Maybe reconnecting to your wi-fi can give you Internet access. I hope you were able to resolve all your computer issues.
@rebelann (105310)
• El Paso, Texas
19 Mar
Hopefully the tech will get your laptop squared away so you can get back online.
@wolfgirl569 (73409)
• Marion, Ohio
19 Mar
Sorry that didn't help
@CarolDM (201539)
• Nashville, Tennessee
19 Mar
I am so sorry. I know the frustration. I hope somebody will help you and soon.
@Adie04 (17478)
20 Mar
Ironically, modern technology is grand, but grandly and constantly need updates and repairs too.
@Juliaacv (75835)
• Canada
19 Mar
I always feel like computer/laptop woes are the worst, I hope that you will be able to get everything up and running and join us again.
@marlina (155134)
• Canada
19 Mar
I hope the situation gets solved ASOP
@LadyDuck (429097)
• Switzerland
19 Mar
Well, let me ask one thing, did they check first if your desktop works? If positive there was no need to change the router and check the outside lines. If the desktop works it's more than evident that the laptop has a problem. My husband had this problem with one of his computers. He was connected by Windows pretended he was not connected and he could not go online. We tried everything we could. He installed a Linux system and forgot about Windows. Now it works.
@DaddyEvil (118908)
• United States
19 Mar
I hope all your stuff is saved somewhere... I can't believe it's taking so long to get you back up and running correctly again. I hope they get you up and going soon. I finally made the shift to my new laptop a couple of days ago. I've been cussing Windows 10 ever since, all the while, changing settings to make it run more like my Win8.1 laptop I just left. I'm slowly making it work the way I want it to work.
@rakski (108021)
• Philippines
19 Mar
I hope everything will okay soon
@YrNemo (20411)
19 Mar
One of my old laptops played up like that a few times, the problem stopped when I brought it back to the store for them to have a look. (I was considering returning it since it was newly purchased.)
@MarieCoyle (13796)
19 Mar
If it is freezing still, it has problems. How old is your laptop?
@queenerr (196)
• Kisumu, Kenya
19 Mar
i hope you repair it soon