Do You Apologize To Keep The Peace?

United Kingdom
@wolfie34 (26875)
September 11, 2009 11:18am CST
Twice this week, within the space of two days I have apologized when it wasn't even my fault and afterwards I am like kicking myself for being so damn weak and stupid! I mean if it wasn't my fault then why should I apologize? Am I the only one who does this? I just want a quiet, unconfrontational life and rather than cause an atmosphere or create a confrontation that I avoid at all costs, I will give in and apologize and yet the two people I apologized to, didn't even have the grace to accept my apology in the way it was given, they were in the wrong in the first damn place and yet their attitude stunk which left me feeling afterwards why did I bother? I used to do this when I was a teen, I would cross swords with my father so many times, but I am a stubborn whatsit, I guess it's because I am a Taurean, I would refuse to apologize to my father even though I was in the right and yet because it caused a bad atmosphere my mum used to beg me to apologize to him, and I hated that.... I couldn't understand why I had to apologize for something that wasn't my fault Do you do this? Apologize just to keep the peace? Or feel it's always down to you to apologize first? Have you ever had to make an apology which stuck in your throat, and you would rather walk over burning hot coals in bare feet than stoop to apologizing to someone that didn't deserve an apology?