Ideal Age gap between couples-opinions please!

@kalav56 (11451)
April 15, 2009 2:16am CST
I had been invited to my son's friend's house .Actually they are newly wed youngsters and I came to know that the lad is just 20 days older than the girl.I immediately said that 'Ah!can keep fighting [like classmates after all]'.My husband immediately came out with the undeniable fact that we have an age gap of 3.75 and we fight/diasgree/argue none the less;I also said but we get along very well too.In all we entertained the youngsters , but I just thought of getting varied opinions here.What do you think would be the ideal gap?Men , women, young girls , boys , please do share your thoughts /experiences.I have not arrived at any conclusion and I think that there can be different cases .That is why I have put this topic up this for discussion.